The Look 2017 Winners

Sport Clips is looking for top student talent to compete in our fourth annual “The Look – Student Edition” Competition. 3 winners (along with their educator) will win a trip to Sport Clips’ National Huddle Conference in San Antonio, TX, in April 2018. Finalists will be chosen by the Sport Clips Artistic Team and top industry professionals from American Crew, Hattori Hanzo, Nioxin, and Sexy Hair.

This competition is specific to “Men’s Grooming” and the looks of today’s modern day man. Student will select
a male model and create an original hairstyle to be submitted as a competitor for “The Look of 2018.” Student is required to submit (7) images via which include a before image, front; a before image, side; a before image, back; an after image, front; an after image, side; an after image, back; and an after image of Student with Model. Each image must be uploaded separately, not in collage form.

Haircut must take place in a school environment with a school official present. A school official must sign Competition Entry Form verifying Student completed haircut. School will be called for verification.

Student may enter up to 3 separate models and styles. A separate entry form must be completed for each model
and style.


Submit Your Application

Select the appropriate files for the application and images. Be sure to enter your name, email address and your model’s last name at the top before uploading any files. Each file is uploaded individually by clicking the “Upload File” after selecting your file on your computer or mobile device. You can upload an updated file or image; be sure to reenter your name, email address and model’s last name before uploading. Should you have any questions during the process, please send us an email.


All submitted forms should be completed and uploaded as a .jpg or PDF document.

Student Application

Student Release

Student Release Form

Model Release

Model Release Form


All images must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif file format.

Before | Front

Image: Before | Front

Before | Side

Image: Before | Side

Before | Back

Image: Before | Back

After | Front

Image: After | Front

After | Side

Image: After | Side

After | Back

Image: After | Back

Student and Model

Image: Student & Model